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Pure Leather bags made in Singapore

Adding another feather to its bag error cap; the Attire Collection has partnered with Elfin Eligo, a globally renowned Singapore-based brand of pure leather bags. Following this tie-up, all kinds of pure leather bags designed for different occasions offering a wide palette of options for the bag lovers will be available on the attire collections official website, Keeping a special focus on targeting Singapore and Malaysia based customers, the Attire Collection is not limiting itself to geographical boundaries and therefore it’s even all geared up for deli

Chairman words to media

Spilling the beans over the newly inked collaboration, Hitesh Sikka, Chairman, Attire Collection said to media; ‘We take pride in announcing that we have inked a deal with Elfin Eligo that has gained a distinguished niche in manufacturing pure leather bags immaculately suiting the personality of the wearer. Having had such a fine brand listed on our website will not enrich our inventory especially in the accessories’ category; it will also drive us forward in gaining a strong foothold in the unexplored market channels of Singapore, and Malaysia.’

The Quality at its best

Speaking on the quality of the product, Mr. Sikka added further that, ‘Elfin Eligo is the fashionable women’s top choice in terms of carrying a pure leather bag and it goes without saying that the line of products Eligo Eligo rolls out in the market are typically cast in pure leather, and masterly conceptualized to reflect the grace of opulence and coveted style. We enthusiastically look forward to having a great experience in the bags category backed by such a class manufacturer.’

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